Purchasing the computer that is perfect for YOU, and keeping that computer running smoothly, are the keys to peaceful computer ownership. To help you find your ideal computer solution, let us assist you with the following tasks:

Purchasing Your Computer . . .

  • Build a custom computer or buy one off the shelf? We'll help you decide. Often a custom machine can be just as economical as one that comes in a box -- and can be the system that's perfect for you.
  • If you decide to build your system, we'll help you define your requirements, and then we'll build your perfect system using only quality parts and electronics.
  • If you decide to buy off the shelf, we'll help you figure out all the specifications and pick the best, most economical system for you, including the software you need to do all the tasks you want to perform.
  • When you bring your system home, we'll install it, connect all the peripherals, make sure the software is working, that you're connected to the internet, and that you and the machine are ready to work harmoniously together.

Maintaining Your Computer . . .

  • We'll keep it running. Stuff happens. A file gets corrupted, a setting gets changed, a cup of coffee gets spilled. Even when you have no idea what happened, we'll figure it out and get you back up and running.
  • We'll keep it secure.  We keep an eye on the internet, and stay current on the best products available to protect your system from data predators.
  • We'll keep it up to date. We'll help you keep your software up to date, and also expand your system as you need more memory, more storage or new peripheral equipment.
Using Other Technology Tools . . .

Coexisting with technology can go way beyond your computer. There's HD-TV, sound systems, home entertainment centers, video game systems, and other devices that may require wiring, installation, and a lesson or two on how they work. And there's just as many personal, hand-held devices that are fun and easy to use -- once they're properly set up and you know how to use them -- like PDA's, music download devices and multi-purpose cell phones.

Contact us if you'd like help moving quickly from the frustration part to the fun part of owning the latest and greatest personal technology tools.

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