TechnoStress ... a feeling of anxiety or mental pressure
       from overexposure or involvement with (computer)
       technology.                                         Webster's New Millennium Dictionary of English

You know the symptoms . . .
We've got the cure . . .

Chronic Headaches caused by error messages and disappearing files.

Severe Frustration when you've tried everything you can think of, called up everyone you know, and still can't finish the project you absolutely, positively have to have ready in the morning.

Feelings of Inadequacy when the computer is working just fine but the only intuitive thing about the software is the gut feeling you had when you bought it that it was probably way over your head.

Abandonment Anxiety when the nerdy neighbor you finally found to help you heads back to New Jersey for the summer.

Depression arising from the belief that you will live your entire life as a 1.0 user in a 5.0 world.

Our approach is "Wholistic" because it's at least as much about you as it is about your computer.

We get it. We understand that whether you use your computer for business, for family communications, to pursue your hobbies, or just to play games, it's an important part of your day-to-day life.

We speak your language. Of course we're fluent in techno-speak too, but we save that for the computer and talk to you in English. We'll give you as much or as little information as you want, at the level of complexity that works for you.

We've got connections. We know it's not possible for one company to meet all your support needs at the level of expertise you deserve. So we've built a network of experts in many areas that we rely on and that you can rely on, too.

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